Sunday Supper Club: Travis Meadows & Drew Kennedy

Afallon Presents

Sunday Supper Club: Travis Meadows & Drew Kennedy

Sun, February 19, 2017

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

Live Oak Music Hall

Fort Worth, TX

$18.00 - $100.00

This event is all ages

Travis Meadows
Travis Meadows
Singer-songwriter, Travis Meadows, is an artist to the core, but his story is not a story about music. His story is about life; a story about religion and family, addiction, survival, sobriety, and freedom – with music as the narrator. His song, Riser (2014) recorded by country superstar, Dierks Bentley, says it all… "I'm a riser… I'm a get up off the ground, don't run and hide-er, Pushing comes to shove, hey I'm a fighter, When darkness comes to town, I'm a lighter, A get out alive-er, Of the fire… Survivor."

Overwhelmingly recognized by top recording artists as the "go to" talent for heartfelt hits, Meadows has written songs for Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Frankie Ballard, Lee Ann Womack, Blackberry Smoke, Mary Gauthier, and more...



Growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, where "Hell ain't half that hot…you could fry eggs on the parking lot," he remembers his life as being filled with loss very early on. His first memory was of his brother drowning, his parents divorce and a near death experience with cancer at age fourteen. "It was really sexy going through puberty and chemo at the same time," but that was the least of his hurdles.

Travis laid the foundation for his music career while making the rounds at local bars and clubs, performing with legendary blues players, such as Sam Myers (Anson Funderburg and the Rockets) and Fingers Taylor (Jimmy Buffett). He also laid the foundation for a drug and alcohol problem that would haunt him for years. His original high came at 11 years old from stealing his grandmother's Valium, then at 24 with a "God experience" that led him to the world of Christian music, trading one addiction for another.

"When I was getting high, I wanted everybody to get high too…on drugs, on alcohol, on Jesus." He went on to tour the world as a Christian rock artist, spreading "The Word" across the globe the only way he knew how, through music. However, he found that "the truth will set you free, but eventually it'll piss you off." He arrived in Nashville and learned the hard way about fame and fortune.

"I came to town to make a difference. I had a story to tell. I told it loud, but my opinion didn't go over so well. Waiting for offers, they never came, the Davidson County Police know my name…if dumb makes you famous, then I can't complain, the Davidson Country Police know my name."

Even in the midst of his self-destruction, his talent prevailed. He received a 2001 ASCAP Christian Music Award, had eight Top 20 singles in the Contemporary Christian genre, and landed a staff writer deal with Scott Gunter at Universal Music Publishing Group in 2005. As a staff writer, Travis wrote with celebrated writers and artists, from Nashville to London, and garnered cuts by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lee Ann Womack, and Jake Owen, as well as numerous #1 singles and five RIAA Gold Records with Australian artist Adam Brand. However, the spiral of addiction continued.

In 2010, Travis' Old Ghosts & Unfinished Business caught up with him. Somewhere between jail and rehab something in him began to reach out and up again as he returned to the one constant in his life: writing. What started out as a journal for his counselor mysteriously turned into a manifesto of survival on vinyl. Killin' Uncle Buzzy was a resurrection of sorts. When asked what changed, Travis simply says, "Everything..."


Well-known among songwriter circles in Nashville, Travis is an unforgettable performer. He is an open wound, the rawness of his words and his vocals pulling you into his world. A Mississippi childhood, learning to drink his coffee black in dives off the highway, his battles with cancer, alcohol, drugs, God and demons, and all the characters along the way.

"If you want to listen to Travis' songs, be prepared for them to resonate with raw emotion. They have honesty, a viewpoint you wouldn't have expected, and every once in a while, a bit of humor. If you want to hear the same things over and over, turn on the radio. If you want to listen to songs that will be food for your soul, that cause you to have to hit repeat, then you should listen to "Old Ghosts & Unfinished Business."
- Joe Galante, former Chairman, Sony Music Nashville

Now signed to Kobalt Music Publishing, Travis' songs have recently been recorded by Ronnie Dunn, Dierks Bentley, Levi Lowery, Eric Church, Blackberry Smoke, Adam Brand, Peter Fox of Go West and his most recent hit "What We Ain't Got" by Jake Owen. See below for the official music video featuring Travis in a moving interpretation of the song.

Travis describes his life as "one big exhale" now… no big plans… just glad to be alive…

Meadows is currently playing around Nashville and touring across the US, as he prepares for the release of his new record in 2015. Aside from live shows, you can find him featured on the new television series Nashville Unleashed.

"Breathe, breathe, fill your lungs with better air… reach, reach cause you know it's waiting there… I've found letting go of what you're holdin', leaves your heart and arms a little more wide open"… Travis Meadows is wide open.


"Songs and music can change people's lives. This is one of those songs you get once a career that has the possibility to do that."
- Dierks Bentley, Billboard, June 2015. Read here.

"The week of CMA Fest is brimming with satellite events and at the Chords for a Cause Benefit at local Irish pub Dan McGuinness, gifted singer-songwriter Travis Meadows made it clear that the festival organizers should be giving him an official showcase pronto. Backed by a lap-steel guitarist and a cajón player, the raspy-voiced storyteller raised chills with his heartrending, confessional ballad "Unfinished Business," as well as tunes of his that have been covered by some of country's elite. Among them: an emotional take on "What We Ain't Got" — a hit for Jake Owen — and "Riser," the defiant title track of Dierks Bentley's latest album."
- "Best Shoulda Been a CMA Fest Show: Travis Meadows" ROLLING STONE, June 2015. Read here.

"I love Travis as a singer-songwriter. A couple of records ago, I cut one of his songs called 'Cherry on Top,' which is a long way from this song. He had a record called 'Killin' Uncle Buzzy,' which he wrote when he was getting treatment, and the song ['What We Ain't Got'] was on the record, and I would sit on the bus while I was out on the road and listen to it...There was so much honesty in it. I've learned that in order for me to move on down the road in my career and be a part of this genre that it's all about great songs. It doesn't matter who wrote it or where it came from. It's all about the music."
- Jake Owen, Billboard, 2014. Read here.

"NASHVILLE'S MOST BADASS SONGWRITER, TRAVIS MEADOWS… The artist who conquered cancer and addiction, and made friends with Eric Church and Jake Owen, has penned some of country's most stinging songs…"
- Joseph Hudak - ROLLING STONE Country. Read here.
"I run into people everyday in search of authenticity. They want to discover the real deal. Well, call off the search – I've found him. His name is Travis Meadows. I am proud to call him a friend and I'm in awe of his talent. Killin' Uncle Buzzy is the most honest record I've ever heard. In one word, it is stellar! I can't wait to hear what comes next!"
- Eric Church, 2014

"That's what country music was based on, great songs…"
- Jake Owen, referring to What We Ain't Got -, 2014. Read here.

"So hot, people in Nashville gather around him just to keep their hands warm."
- Jon Eben (fellow Nashville songwriter)

"Travis is one of the true poets of our generation. The man is brilliant. When you're in the writing room with him, you'd better be on your game. He brings a cannon and he only aims for the kill shot. It's an honor to get to be a part of a few of his songs."
- Jeremy Spillman (hit Nashville songwriter, friend and co-writer on Eric Church's Dark Side)

- Bev Miskus,, 2015. Read here.

"What We Ain't Got [by Jake Owen] — penned by Travis Meadows and Travis Jerome Goff — packs a punch, with lyrics expressing the damaging power of always wanting more and never been satisfied. Whether it's a better car, a bigger house, or a different kind of love, as we chase what we don't have, we miss the good that is right in front of us."
- Carrie Horton, Taste Of Country, 2014. Read here.

"His love for his roots is undeniable, and eloquently expressed in songs about his grandfather teaching him to stay away from the sissy stuff and drink his coffee "Black". But underneath the country charm, what is also undeniable is the deep well his songs are drawn from, one that was chiseled out through pain and loss, death and rebirth."
- Lisa Morgan, Coachella Valley Weekly, 2015. Read here.

"Travis initially had the idea to write a song called Survivor. He started improvising a bunch of brilliance and asked me what I thought. I said, "Man, I love what you're doing, but I don't feel qualified to write this song. I don't feel like I've survived enough to really contribute." He said, "Moakler, I was saving this idea for you. You're so damn optimistic, and that's what makes you qualified." So I listened to him, and then we wrote the song. It's really affirming that he thought of me with an idea like that, and I still hear the song as something to live up to. I feel empowered and hopeful every time I sing it."
- Steve Moakler (co-writer on Dierks Bentley's Riser) –, 2013. Read here.

"Travis Meadows is one of the most promising (and truly talented) songwriters to ever come out of Nashville."
- speaks with Travis about Dierks Bentley's Riser, 2013. Read here.

"…it's hard to pigeonhole Meadows as a "country" writer; he's definitely got few great ballads that work within the country framework-and a couple up-tempos that could lend an ear to, but he's got plenty to offer alternative genres as well. And being a good singer and an artist in his own right certainly doesn't hurt his applicability."
- Doug Waterman - American Songwriter, 2008. Read here.

"Singer songwriter Travis Meadows is an artist to the core, but his is not a story about music alone. It is a story about life; a story about religion and family; a story about addiction; a story about survival, sobriety and freedom, with music as the narrator."
- Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival. Read here.

"As a counselor I am always searching for ways to reach clients. While presenting at the C.O.R.E. conference, I came across a singer/songwriter that inspired me with his words and passion. Travis Meadows is far from a clinician, but music at times plays a huge role in a treatment plan. It reminded me of always finding a tool a client can relate to, and for Travis, it was music."
- Heidi Voet Smith, LPC –, "Travis Meadows: In tune with recovery," 2014. Read here.
Drew Kennedy
Drew Kennedy
I write songs for a living, and have been doing so since 2004. I have two favorite guitars, one being a 1964 Gibson Country and Western, which (with the help of a fine luthier) I was able to return to a playable condition after finding it in a state of total disrepair. I love the way it sounds, and I think it likes having me around, as well. My second guitar is a 2004 Gibson J45, which held a starring role in the movie Infamous. Unfortunately, Infamous lost the Hollywood Truman Capote Sweepstakes, and Capote beat it out of the gate. Infamous saw limited release and went to DVD pretty quickly. That being said, the guitar is probably still more famous than I am, even in all of it's DVD glory. If The Smoking Gun ever publishes an extravagant concert rider with my name on it, rest assured that the requests for seedless watermelon slices and Caciocavallo cheese came from the guitar, and not from me. I love music. I love hearing songs that are intelligent, thought provoking, and honest. They give me hope, and their songwriters give me inspiration. I recently finished recording my third album, which I plan to release soon. I decided to call it An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel. I think it's a clever title, but I am often wrong about these types of things. I live in New Braunfels, Texas with my wife, three dogs, a cat, and a generous school of fish that I try not to forget to feed when my wife assigns me the task (the fish, that is… the dogs let me know if I'm forgetting about them in their unmistakable way). We like it here. I travel a lot for my job. There's not much of a point in writing songs if you don't share them with an audience. Besides, the dogs can't clap, I can't hear the fish, and the cat generally doesn't care about what I do… and everyone needs a little positive affirmation in their lives from time to time. So, I hope to see you at a show. If you'd ever like to say hello, you can reach me via email ( info at ), smoke signal, telegraph, or carrier pigeon. Whichever is easiest for you.
Venue Information:
Live Oak Music Hall
1311 Lipscomb Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76104